Born in Florence,. Frequents some Florentine painter’s and restorer’s workshops as an apprentice to learn secrets of antique painting methods.
In 1985 he decides to dedicate himself totally to painting.
The Etruscan mythology is his main source of inspiration during this period.
In 1986 he stays for a while in New York, travelling to the Caribbean countries to learn indigenous multi-coloured painting.
In 1992 he takes a course of nude study at the Fine Art Academy of Florence.
In 1995 he travels for the first time in Japan and successively every year. A deeper knowledge of this country leads him to a notable transformation in his artistic language.
Lives and works in Montefioralle, Greve in Chianti, Florence.

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E: 11° 18' 12.2''

Duccio Trassinelli was born in Florence, he studied at the Institute of Industrial Design of his town, school where he then stopped as a professor of Design Methodology for a decade. In 1970 he founded the  STUDIO A.R.D.I.T.I., the starting point for a collective exploration of a new concept of use and shapes in the furniture world. At that time were born his  historical projects, such as the B.T., Ponte and Prismar lamps that are  in the permanent collections of the MOMA in New York, the Pompidou Center, Paris and the Vitra Design Museum, Germany; the Memoria armchair, awarded in 1973 by Bolaffi Casa as Design of the month and today in the permanent collection of the Cassina Museum.
 Over the course of his career Trassinelli has ranged in heterogeneous fields, from plant engineering to the prefabricated industry and the design of electronic instruments, from urban design to the contract for public and private istitutions. He has registered numerous invention patents. Today Trassinelli continues his activity in lighting design, where he was among the first to experiment with low voltage.
Key words of his work: method, pioneer, technology as a poetic resource, zero compromises, technical knowledge, modern tradition, play, freedom in space.

Duccio Trassinelli
Via San Cresci 1
50022 Greve in Chianti
Tel + 39 055 8544793
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E: 11° 17' 26.10''

I am a sunny, generous, selfless and sociable person;  I love meeting people and being in company to share and compare myself. Art has always been my passion since childhood. I love experimenting with my creativity in many fields: from painting (watercolors, oil ...), to mosaics, to sculpture (ceramic model, terracotta, marble, stone ...). My art reflects every moment and aspect of my daily life for this reason my works are not only found in my studio but also at home and in our family farm, we produce Chianti Classico wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Living in the heart of Chianti and always working in contact with nature gives me many sources of inspiration, in fact the main themes of my paintings are landscapes, plants, flowers ... while in the sculpture I prefer churches and monuments.

Alfredo Correani
Via San Cresci 34
50022 Greve in Chianti (FI)
Tel. 348 9110584

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Alfredo Futuro prefers defining himself an artist in the classical sense of the term and not necessarily as a contemporary artist. This distinction is a natural consequence of his years studying at the Florence Academy of Art,  a time when as  student spent most of his working hours copying and imitating the artistic styles of the past. His journey as an artist as well as his personal history starts in Florence. His style then develops on long sojourns abroad in the most important cities of the world . Particularly fertile and prolific was his 10 year stay in Paris where his creative output concentrated on commissions for important families such as Peugeot, Citroen, and Arigoni. In this vibrant social milieu he was surrounded by artists like  Juliet , Man Ray and Olga Picabia and made friendships with the leading artists of his generation. 

Actually he works in the Chianti area of Tuscany, which he claims is the most beautiful corner of the world. In part, this fortunate circumstance is due to the graciousness of his benefactors Ambrogio e Giovanna Folonari as well as a fruitful and reciprocally productive relationship with La Macina of San Cresci. In his new and luminous studio on the luxurient grounds of the Fattoria di Zano, he continues to contemplate and produce new sculptures and paintings.


Alfredo Futuro
Fattoria di Zano
50022 Greve in Chianti
Tel. 338 5447137
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It is a project of:
Duccio Trassinelli e Demetria Verduci
La macina di San Cresci
Pieve di San Cresci 1
50022 Greve in Chianti (FI)