A journey you’ll never forget !


Greve in Chianti - Tuscany

SLOW ROAD is a new way for the enhancement of the territory, a conscious tourism, the training of youngs, the development of craft excellences, the participation of multiple expressions of art, a calendar of events. A format considered a challenge because it brings together more subjects apparently distant, but in the same territorial ecosystem.




The Designers

The designers of the University of Florence: new ideas for ancient materials; bridges connecting contemporary research and historical sites.

Urban/Country Design

The conception of urban furniture made with the collaboration of the network of local companies, protagonists of the project.

Press and photos

Art as aggregation, as social growth and territorial regeneration


The Artists in the route.
Photos, videos, installations, performance of international artists inspired by this magic place.

Artist's studio
Art Projects

Alessandro Nutini

Born in Florence,. Frequents some Florentine painter’s and restorer’s workshops as an apprentice to learn secrets of antique painting methods.In 1985 he decides to dedicate himself totally to painting.The Etruscan mythology is his main source of


Alfredo Correani

I am a sunny, generous, selfless and sociable person;  I love meeting people and being in company to share and compare myself. Art has always been my passion since childhood. I love experimenting with my creativity in many fields: from painting


Alfredo Futuro

Alfredo Futuro prefers defining himself an artist in the classical sense of the term and not necessarily as a contemporary artist. This distinction is a natural consequence of his years studying at the Florence Academy of Art,  a time when as 


Amor vincit omnia

Sculpture made with recycled material.

Created by Franco Bozzi

Carol Abohatab

4 artists Slow Road. Concept, coreography and videography by  Carol Abohatab

David Hollander

PERISHABLE FRAGMENTS. My sculptures begin as fragments of the body made in unfired clay: hands, feet, finger tips. 

Donal O'Sullivan

My work includes landscape, portrait, nature and what can be described as "emography",

Duccio Trassinelli

Duccio Trassinelli was born in Florence, he studied at the Institute of Industrial Design of his town, school where he then stopped as a professor of Design Methodology for a decade. In 1970 he founded the  STUDIO A.R.D.I.T.I., the starting point for



Sculpture made with iron.

Created by Arturo Badii

Jairo Alvarez

11 photographs, 11 surreal author looks on one of the most famous landscapes in the world: the Chianti.

Jana Perez & Angilee Wilkerson

In Perform La Femme, each photographic tableau offers a range of environments and lighting, 

Jillian Bonahoom Macedonia

Exceptional her ability to stop on the canvas the diversity of culture, everyday life and the beauty of the landscape.

Nicole Nigro

Small explorations of body, landscape & lemons in Chianti, Italy, 2016. A collaboration between Nicole Nigro, Cory Neale, and Lisa Hayes. Sculptures by David Hollander.

Priya Lin

Capturing my poetry and poetic installation through a 6-minute video, with footages from the studio and artists house

Rachel Sherk & Aaron Rourk

Evening Concert Series: Slow Road takes the concept of Sherk and Rourk’s series and applies it to the Italian countryside,

Rebecca Rath

Upon my first visit I was so overwhelmed and intimidated by the beauty of the landscape, I decided to go back to what I knew best and draw.

The man of the art

Sculpture made with iron and aluminium.Created by Alfredo Futuro

The right route


Created by Alfredo Correani


Sculpture made with iron and aluminium.Created by Alfredo Futuro


It is a project of:
Duccio Trassinelli e Demetria Verduci
La macina di San Cresci
Pieve di San Cresci 1
50022 Greve in Chianti (FI)